Goran Ratković v5

Visual, UX/UI Designer

Who am I?

I'm a self-taught visual designer, focusing on UX and UI. Started working on my first web site in 1997, and since then have been engaged in more than 200 projects in Serbia, UK, US, Canada and Switzerland. I started web design, freelancing with my older brother with something we used to call, rather uninventive - ratkovićdesign. I'm currently employed at Omnicom in Belgrade, Serbia as well as design & developing themes for Envato elite author Bold Themes.

What do I do?

I do visual designs, UI and perform UX research for web or an app, simple as that. I have pure love and respect for UX, UI and attention to detail, so I tend to be pixel perfect when it comes to working on a web site or application. I'm also HTML/CSS profound and also enjoy working on that very much.

What's this website for?

Long story short - it used to be my own playground since beginning in 1997. Right now, it's a one page CV & Portfolio web site. Oh, how things and priorities change over time...

Can you see my portfolio?

Sure, just check this link out and you're good to go. Please bear in mind that Portfolio doesn't contain any UX projects at the moment, but you can expect that in more details soon, hopefully.

How about my CV?

Ok, here's that too.

Am I on any social networks?

Yep, I'm on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. We can get in touch there too.

A tad bit more, you ask?

I'm very passionate about motorsport, more precisely Formula 1, and I support my favourite team - Williams Racing since 1992. I love cars, and love cycling, as much as weather allows me. I'm also a proud father of two, love to travel and my favourite destination is Sithonia, Greece.

You'd still like to know more?

All right, we can meet and chat over coffee, I'm fine with that - cappuccino with one table spoon of brown sugar. Here's my email so we can connect.

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